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The Vision



Our Vision

When RafterMarsh was initially contemplated, the vision of Heather and Terry was to create a trans-Atlantic co-operative that would work differently from the standard law firm. We wanted to be the best in breed for music technology companies (US practice) and entertainment law (UK), while still being open to expanding our practices into related areas of music and technology law.

With cross-over expertise, the two firms RafterMarsh US and RafterMarsh UK began by providing an almost seamless method of working, using their cross-continental collaboration to effectively provide legal services for all Clients. The project worked. Our Clients were happy with our fast, efficient, and reasonably priced services.

Our vision has always been about the creation of a different type of boutique law firm—a firm which is always transparent on costs, efficient, and innovative in its approach to find different methods of delivering projects on time and on budget, including flat fee and retainer agreements. We consider ourselves and the services we provide to equate to in-house counsel and being flexible enough to work in new legal areas with start-up companies.  We now represent different types of companies outside of music and entertainment, including advertising companies, digital media companies, general technology companies, and cannabis companies.

RafterMarsh does not need large opulent offices, the cost of which is generally passed on to you, the Client. We are happy working remotely, and on many occasions members of both firms have worked at our Clients’ offices on a weekly or “as needed” basis, with the goal of delivering customized and reasonably priced services. We frequent many trade shows in the industry to meet with Clients and to stay knowledgeable in these cutting-edge areas. NAMM, CES, AES, and NAB are our annual excursions. We’ve finished deals on planes, cars, boats, trains, beaches, snow-capped mountains, fields and venues. Wherever we are, we put the Client first.

In a few words, RafterMarsh is unique, open and honest, value for money, commercially-minded, and we have your back. One other characteristic defines our team: we are passionate about music and technology.

We look forward to working with you.
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